Cuttlefish aggregation whyalla

Once a year near in the remote town of Whyalla a spectacular natural even happens like no where else on earth. Over 100,000 giant cuttlefish come into the shallow waters of the Spencer Gulf to bread. These amazing creatures put on colourful shows as they try to warn off males and impress females. In 2013 the numbers were less than 13,000 after a decline over a number of years. No cause could be identified. The population has staged a mysterious recovery and is back over 130,000 in 2015 when this image was shot. A good news story for nature! Lets hope the trend continues this year!

Angel Shark

In all the times I have been night diving in Victoria I have never been lucky enough to run into this mysterious little shark. Last week I managed to bump into not one but two sharks. These were angel sharks no bigger than 40cm. One was swimming towards me and I managed get a shot of it.
These guys are ambush predators spending most of their time under the sand waiting for a crab, squid or fish to swim past.

Squatina australis
Max Size: 1.5m

Australian Marine Conservation Society

Last year in December I was lucky enough to have one of my images of a very cute juvenile Australian Fur Seal used in the Australian Marine Conservation Society calendar. They then liked the image so much they started using the images as their Facebook profile image. I am more than happy that my image was in a small way able to contribute to the work being done by this fine organisation.

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